Broken Swords Still Cut.
Seven hundred years ago, Abjuration Barrier Magic ended the East Territories War. The realm is at risk again, only this time there’s no Abjurer.

Oriole is an outsider from birth, who dreams of finding the Barrier Scroll and the good fortune it promises those worthy enough to wield it. When her guardian’s life is threatened, Oriole mistakenly casts an ancient magic barrier for protection. Whisked away to the Ivory Ministry in Vaal to harness her abilities, Oriole finds fellowship in the renowned Onyx Guard and an unlikely ally in the dejected soldier, Ryn Alrae.

Now that Oriole has glimpsed a world that perhaps accepts her after all, she is ready to fight to be a part of it. As Oriole’s powers grow, so does the desire by Emperor Su’neth to get his hands on the rare and ancient magic many thought vanished. As the threat of war looms between two nations, Oriole will discover things about herself that will change the course of the conflict, and what she believed, forever.

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Romance

About the Comic
The Barrier Scroll is a-long-time-to-be-realized passion project, comic/graphic novel by me. I plan to tell the whole story in 3 books/seasons. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy making it. The narrative is inspired by media I grew up with that include movies like The Neverending Story, The Last Unicorn, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and games like Dungeons and Dragons and the Quest for Glory series.

I post new blog updates often. Feel free to visit my Patreon as well where I share resources, sketches, and more.

About the Creator
I’m a Designer based out of the SF Bay Area. I also love surfing, running, writing, illustration, and video games. I run a merch store with cute little island themed characters called Tiny Chicken Island for fun. I have always loved the Fantasy genre and the now titled, The Barrier Scroll is a story I’ve wanted to share for many years now. I’m not the best artist nor the best writer, but I hope you get a sense of how passionate I am about this story and characters as I give my best effort at a creative medium I have always adored—and I hope that shows through. I’m grateful that I finally have the time and wherewithal to share this narrative with you.