Character Spotlight: A’zahl Hyra

A’zahl Hyra character design

Next up on our Character Spotlight series is one of our Onyx Guardsmin, A’zahl Hyra. Really one of my favorite characters with how much depth he has and how vital to the narrative he is.

Name: A’zahl HyraCharacter: Support Character
Hair: blackAge: 108 (ehh don’t quote me on this)
Eyes: redJob: Onyx Guard
Height: 6’1”Race: Volga
From: VaalGoal: retrieve barrier scroll 
Orientation: bi-sexualWant: rescue sister
Nicknames: The Magus of VaalWeapon: dark magic
Enneagram: The Enchanter

A charming and quick witted Volga, A’zahl is a member of the Onyx Guard representing the state of Vaal. An extremely powerful magic user he prefers to wear a mask in combat to obscure his spell casting to enemies. He’s secretly in love with Imaris the Cunning.

The Volga have a pretty complicated history with the Federation, especially after a conflict called The Upheaval changes the way Elves view the Federation. However, as centuries pass, stories from generation to generation begin to fade. A new generation of Federation leadership accepts the wrongdoings of their predecessors and condemns the dark history. Opening the door for the remaining Volga to assimilate into society. Some go by way of the Empire, where as others like A’zahl join the Federation.

Check out that eye glowy thing.

A’zahl has his own desires and motivations as well, and one of those is finding his little sister Saphielle.

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