Character Spotlight: Oriole

Our main protagonist, Oriole.

In order to introduce you to the characters of The Barrier Scroll narrative in more depth, I’ve decided to start doing a Character Spotlight series here on the blog. πŸ™‚ Who better to introduce you to first, than our reluctant hero, Oriole.

Name: OrioleCharacter: protagonist
Hair: blackAge: 28
Eyes: amberJob: Custodian of Magic
Height: 5’4”Race: Human
From: Neutral UnitaryGoal: confront her past  
Orientation: heterosexualWant: to find her parents
Nicknames: OriWeapon: defense magic
Enneagram: The Caregiver

Oriole is the main protagonist of our story. The child of a Su’nethian aristocrat and a Federation soldier, naturally she’s an outsider from birth. Growing up, Oriole has a strong natural affinity towards magic but was always prohibited from learning spells and never had any formal training. She grows up in the Neutral Unitary and is raised by Phylos Crowmin, a Beastmin who runs the Caladrius Tavern and Inn, with a mysterious past himself (I’ll intro him in a future character spotlight!).

When we first meet our hero, she’s working as a Custodian of Magic in the Library of Phusos (though she’s not very good at it.) Transcribing magic scrolls for really important casters in the region, not exactly the most stimulating of careers. Except for her pal Neeja Uro, Oriole is unliked and even bullied at her job. But with it being the only way for her to save up money in order to dig into her past, Oriole perseveres despite the negativity.

Oriole with a wacky beauty pageant blowout.

And just like any good protagonist, Oriole dreams of a world beyond the Caladrius Inn, and seeks to find the answers to questions she’s had all her life. What happened to her parents? Who are they? And why did they give her up?

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know about our main protagonist. πŸ™‚

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