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Music: ‘Nowhere Land’ by Alexander Nakarada

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Published On: February 4, 2023


The sneak peek for the prologue is up, yay, what a milestone for me! I'll be honest with you, a lot may change as I solidify the beginning of the story, but it's nice to do a little dry run to iron out any posting snags. I have a habit of going back and revisiting scenes to make them just right. A full Episode 1 will be available soon. I just want to get a few episodes under my belt before I start a release schedule. I've given this a lot of thought and although this scene has some significance, this isn't how the story will begin. I will tuck this into the narrative somewhere so it's reusable. But in the meantime, enjoy :) I'm working diligently on Episode 1.

One thought on “Prologue

  1. The background music really adds to the mood. Great touch!

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