Lore & World Building

Schools of Magic

  • Abjuration In this world abjuration is the rarest form of magic. It is even more rare in humans. The last known abjurer existed over 700 years ago. The abjuration school of magic encompasses protective spells. This form of magic negates physical attacks as well as all other schools of magic. A caster who specializes in abjuration is known as an Abjurer.
  • Shadow The shadow school of magic encompasses dark rune spells. This form of magic summons dark/shadow energy and is an extremely powerful form of magic under the right spellcaster. A caster who specializes in dark magic is known as a Dark Sorcerer.
  • Arcane The arcane school of magic involves the direct manipulation of energy. A caster who specializes in arcane magic is known as an Arcanist.
  • Fire The fire school of magic encompasses fire-based spells. This school of magic involves the direct manipulation of heat and fire. A caster who specializes in fire magic is known as a Pyromancer.
  • Ice The ice school of magic encompasses ice, cold, and frost spells. This school of magic utilizes the element of ice. A caster who specializes in arcane magic is known as a Cryomancer.
  • Cursed This type of magic originates from the overuse of mixing and stealing magic. Cursed magic is forbidden, unpredictable, anathema, and taboo. A caster who specializes in cursed magic is known as a Cursed Sorcerer.
  • Magic Augmentation A magic user can choose to augment an item that is non-organic, and imbue it with the same magical properties the caster who executes the augmentation possesses has. However, the caster that commits the augmentation must transfer a part of their abilities into the item in order to do so. Any of the 5 schools of magic can augment. An augmented user must request the assistance/ask permission/help of the imbued magic augmented into their weapon (or some other inanimate object), in order to use it, since the magic is not native to them (and is someone else’s).


  • Humans Most humans are without the capacity for magic, but there are a special few that are born with the ability. There are more humans in the world than any other race. Humans with innate abilities like magic are generally considered ‘gifted’ which causes societal contention between humans with and without magic abilities.
    • Human Shapeshifters Shapeshifting is an inherited subconscious ability that allows humans to transmogrify their form. The animal form they can change into is from which their last name is derived, usually an adjective (e.g. ‘the Swift’, ‘the Clumsy’). The form itself is a simplified animal appearance that mimics and imitates the real thing. Usually with a modest glowy aniridia (eyes with no pupil/no iris). Shapeshifters can only change into one of four forms: Fox, Rabbit, Hawk, or Snake. Shapeshifters tend to have light/pale/pastel colored hair, and eyes as well as facial tattoos from their original tribes.
  • Huno Evolved animal species. Most Huno are from Hally but can be found in any region. Huno take on the last name of the animal-type that they are + ‘min’ (e.g. Crowmin, Badgermin, Frogmin.) Huno can not be Shapeshifters, but they can have magical ability. Huno do not interbreed with other species.
  • Volga The last sub-race of now extinct elves. Volga resemble other elvin species but with dark-skin and dark features. They have assimilated into other cities and towns across both the Federation and the Empire. Many flocking to the modern cities of Welesia and Vaal. A natural Volga lifespan is anywhere from 200-300 years.

World Building


  • Phusos (Capital) The capital of the Federation where most political matters are discussed. Predominantly human populated.
  • Kilead Small town south of Phusos, where Ryn Alrae is encountered in Ep. 9. It rains almost constantly.
  • Hally Predominantly Huno populated. The dry, desert-like region relies heavily on trade with other states in the Federation, but is known for their aqueduct supported agriculture of crops like dates, corn, and beans which tend to grow well in dry climates.
  • Vaal Run by magic-wielding beings. Vaal is a beautiful sparkling white magocracy that excels in both technology and magic. Magic users flock to the city to learn trades and study in magic-based academies. Many professional magic users live and work in Vaal, and some of the most famous spellcasters in the Federation have hailed from the city.


  • Su’neth Castle The main city of the Su’nethian Empire.
  • Halcyon Braid Fortress where both the Treaty of Halcyon and the Massacre of Halcyon Braid took place.