OC Sketch: A’zahl

As I’m working on Episode 1 I’m thinking, (and most likely overthinking) on the fidelity of the art I’ll be making, and one thing is clear, I need to find a nice balance between visual communication and the time it takes to do so. I’m a one woman show so I’ll need to be able to sustainably do all the episodic writing, drawing, and coloring all on my own. Burnout is real in the comic industry, and I want to continue to have the same passion I do now, long into the future. I’ll also be working on a monthly cadence to balance everything else non-comic related. And the fidelity will be something close to the above (minus that nasty looking chair), I think it works. So we’ll see how this all pans out as I near completion on my first Episode!

I think the important thing is to be flexible within your creative streams, only do what you feel you’re comfortable with–and maybe a little outside of that comfort zone as well once in a while, and try to keep that creative fire burning as long as you can. I’m very excited to share the first episode of TBS with everyone soon.

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