I have been overwhelmed at the feedback I’ve received for the first episode of TBS. Thank you so much! I’m on track to have episode 3 release June 1st for Patrons, and Episode 2 drops for free June 1st here as well as Webtoon Canvas. To show my thanks, I’ve posted a little sneaky peeky panel from Episode 3! Thank you for subscribing.

I’ve received a lot of feedback asking me how I’m doing this with a full time job and a store on the side? I plan everything out. I draw a little bit everyday, the goal is always about 1-2 panels a day and nothing more so that I can 1. hone my craft and 2. not burn out. I color code the dialog based on the storyboard I’ve created so I know which sections will be panels. This includes storyboarding, and if necessary writing. It was worked well for me.

I’ve also received some really great feedback on how I should optimize for mobile viewports better, so Episode 3 will have larger panels, larger text, and an overall better handheld experience! I can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks again for all the support, feedback, and words of affirmation. Especially to those who have been reading since day one and are genuinely excited and supportive of me and my work. Love you all.

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