The child of a Su’nethian aristocrat and a Federation soldier, Oriole is an outsider from birth. Working a monotonous job at the Library of Phusos, she dreams of finding The Barrier Scroll and the good fortune it promises to bring to those who are worthy enough to wield it.

Phylos Crowmin
Over the years Phylos has become a father-like figure towards Oriole, and has done his best to shield her from the harsh realities of life. This includes keeping some details about Oriole’s past a secret from her.

Ryn Alrae
Standoffish and rigid, Ryn is an ex-member of an elite group of soldiers called the Onyx Guard. When his father is murdered at the Massacre of Halcyon Braid, he vows to avenge his death which eventually leads to his dismissal from duty.

A’zahl Hyra
A charming and quick witted Volga, A’zahl is a member of the Onyx Guard representing the state of Vaal. An extremely powerful magic user he prefers to wear a mask in combat to obscure his spell casting to enemies.

Imaris the Cunning
The current Captain of the Onyx Guard from the state of Welesia. Imaris is a Shapeshifter by nature and can transform into a Fox. She’s a tenacious loyalist with a strong sense of duty and justice.

Bolse Thatcher
After Ryn is dismissed from the Onyx Guard they’re promoted to take his place as the representative of Phusos. Strong, funny, and playful, Bolse is quick to make light of most situations.

Thome Frogmin
A Beastmin from the state of Hally and member of the Onyx Guard. He doesn’t use contractions when talking as an outward display of thoughtfulness when speaking.