This part of my life

“This part of my life is called, peace. And if you’re not contributing to it in some way, you’re not meant to be a part of this chapter. Because this is the part where my boundaries are firm, my heart is open, and my soul is free.”

I have been feeling very satisfied creatively. I work a little bit every evening on The Barrier Scroll, and sometimes more on the weekends. The artwork isn’t stunning, but I can feel myself getting better with each new effort. Everyday that goes by I get a little snippet of inspiration that I can use for the narrative, and I love that. I’m proud of myself, the setbacks I’ve overcome, and the passion that I have for these creative projects. Hope your creative endeavors are going good too. With each setback, every step forward will feel that much more worth it. Don’t give up.

Thank you to those I’ve been sharing this with on the side. Your feedback, opinions, remarks, and openness to receive is very valuable to me, and I’m grateful to have you on this journey.

Don’t forget, Episode 1 releases this May. 📜

OCs Sketch: Oriole & Ryn

Here’s a quick sketch I did of two of my original characters. Oriole & Ryn.

I’m dealing with some health issues right now so I’ve been pretty worn down and exhausted. I’m a little behind my self-imposed release schedule, but I do have this little bit of a sketch I can share. I’m also in the final stages of setting up my Patreon, we’ll see how that goes. Between all your creative writing, drawing, and whatever passion projects you’re working on— don’t neglect your health!

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Life 50%

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

I recently had a very sobering epiphany: I’m halfway done with my life.

That’s right. I’m halfway through (If I’m lucky). How did I come to this grim realization? I was downloading widgets for Notion. One of the widgets I downloaded was a life progress widget, and I nonchalantly added it to my page, but when I saw it–when I actually stared at it, I was somber.

Life 50%. I started to think about all the things I had done, and all the time I had wasted; and then it truly hit me. I don’t have a lot of time left to do all the things I want to. Life really is too short, people say this all the time, and you read it on things like calendars, mugs, and pinterest quotes but it never really pervades your mind because you always think you have time. But for the first time in my life, I’ve realized that I don’t.

I regret sitting on passion projects like The Barrier Scroll for years because I always thought I would have enough time to get better at drawing or get more creative with my writing. I’m here to tell you right now, just do it. Don’t wait until you’re ‘good enough’ or ‘better than now’ just start. Sometimes the hardest thing about doing something is just starting it. ‘Had I started 10 years ago with this comic’–I think about that a lot, and I regret. But I’ve started now, and I think that’s better than not starting at all. I hope I can finish this story, in a lot of ways it’s my magnum opus.

Start that novel you’ve been putting off, learn that language, illustrate that story that’s always been close to your heart, tell that person you’ve been thinking about that you love them. If you take anything from this post, it’s simple: Don’t wait.

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I hope February is kind to you. ♡