Optimized for Mobile

I went through and optimized Episodes 1-3 for mobile. Now you get better narrative, text, and imagery through your mobile viewports. There’s more breaks and pauses to allow you to take the story in better, and absorb every pixel!

Episode 2, comes out for free this Thursday both here and on Webtoon Canvas. I recommend reading here if you can because my site comes with music as well–and I really love picking out each and every piece of music that compliments the episodes. Episode 3 will be available for Patrons on the 1st of June as well! Episode 3 was an absolute joy to work on, please let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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I have been overwhelmed at the feedback I’ve received for the first episode of TBS. Thank you so much! I’m on track to have episode 3 release June 1st for Patrons, and Episode 2 drops for free June 1st here as well as Webtoon Canvas. To show my thanks, I’ve posted a little sneaky peeky panel from Episode 3! Thank you for subscribing.

I’ve received a lot of feedback asking me how I’m doing this with a full time job and a store on the side? I plan everything out. I draw a little bit everyday, the goal is always about 1-2 panels a day and nothing more so that I can 1. hone my craft and 2. not burn out. I color code the dialog based on the storyboard I’ve created so I know which sections will be panels. This includes storyboarding, and if necessary writing. It was worked well for me.

I’ve also received some really great feedback on how I should optimize for mobile viewports better, so Episode 3 will have larger panels, larger text, and an overall better handheld experience! I can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks again for all the support, feedback, and words of affirmation. Especially to those who have been reading since day one and are genuinely excited and supportive of me and my work. Love you all.

Also on WEBTOON Canvas

You can now subscribe and read The Barrier Scroll on WEBTOON Canvas. You can still read all episodes here however if you want a more immersive experience with music and high res imagery, which I of course, also recommend.

Don’t forget, episodes come out on a monthly cadence, but you can always read episodes a month early when you subscribe to my Patreon. Not to mention sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, sketches, blog posts, and more.

Launch Day!

Episode 1 is now available! To my Patrons, supporters, and friends who read it early, gave me feedback, praise, and love–Thank you. I’m so grateful for you. I have always wanted to make a comic and tell this specific story, so I’m so incredibly excited to share it with you.

New Episodes will be on a monthly cadence since I also have a full time job, and run an Etsy shop on the side. 😅 But if you like what I’m doing, or just want to support me you can do so on Patreon, you can also read Episode 2 a month earlier than everyone else at the Early Access Guild tier. I also post sketches, process, and sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, and all tiers include Discord benefits. I also appreciate the comments and emails so keep those coming!

Thank you. 💕 📜

Episode 1 Production is Complete

I never thought I would be able to do something like this so I’m really proud. I used to tell myself I would wait until I was ‘good enough’ to make a comic, but the reality is, I would have been waiting forever. And what better way to get good at something than to just do it. I have a newfound respect for webtoon artists now.

This episode is particularly long because it’s the introduction to our main protagonist and the story. Probably twice as long as what I’d consider a normal episode length, but I felt it was important. I hope you like what I’ve made so far. Episode 1 will be available in May, but you can read it one month early if you subscribe to my Patreon at the Early Access Guild level. Time to churn out Episode 2 so it’s available to Patrons come May. The story, and the art will only get better, so I hope you’ll stick with me on this journey. Thank you for the support.

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OC Sketch: Neeja Uro

The above is a sketch of our protagonist’s best pal, Neeja Uro. This character is definitely a foil to our hero Oriole; she’s confident, self-assured, and outspoken. If our main character wanted to make her life easier, she’d listen to everything this gal had to say—but then we wouldn’t have a story now, would we? 🙂

So, Episode 1 is way longer than I thought it was going to be 😅, but since this Episode is an introduction to our main character Oriole, the set-up needed to be pretty significant. It was important that readers understand her misbelief, all the problems affecting her work, home, and relationships, and just how much of a mess her life really is. Most importantly, the goal she thinks will make her life better–and what she is doing to actively try to achieve that goal throughout the story. It’s a lot I know, but I hope it’ll make the story that much more worth it.

The entirety of Episode one will drop for free this May.

Episode 1, (part 1 of 2) access on Patreon

Episode 1, part 1 (of 2) now available to read if you subscribe to my Patreon at the Early Access Tier, if not–no worries–it’ll be available for free in May 2023! I was so excited I simply couldn’t wait to share it, even if it’s only part 1 for now. But I’m making good progress.

I’m still trying to figure out my workflow and groove, but I am truly enjoying bringing this story to life. I hope that comes through. Thanks to those of you who have shown me kindness and support, I’m extremely grateful.

Episode 1 sneak peek

Episode 1 is coming along. I’m about 50% done with the whole thing, but I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I think it might make sense to release episode 1 and 2 at the same time. They really blend into each other story-wise and set the basis for the narrative. Everytime I’m close to my goal I move the goal post! We’ll see, since episode 1 is fairly long that I think it’s satisfying enough. Anyway, enjoy.

OC Sketch: A’zahl

As I’m working on Episode 1 I’m thinking, (and most likely overthinking) on the fidelity of the art I’ll be making, and one thing is clear, I need to find a nice balance between visual communication and the time it takes to do so. I’m a one woman show so I’ll need to be able to sustainably do all the episodic writing, drawing, and coloring all on my own. Burnout is real in the comic industry, and I want to continue to have the same passion I do now, long into the future. I’ll also be working on a monthly cadence to balance everything else non-comic related. And the fidelity will be something close to the above (minus that nasty looking chair), I think it works. So we’ll see how this all pans out as I near completion on my first Episode!

I think the important thing is to be flexible within your creative streams, only do what you feel you’re comfortable with–and maybe a little outside of that comfort zone as well once in a while, and try to keep that creative fire burning as long as you can. I’m very excited to share the first episode of TBS with everyone soon.

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